Singapore Company Secretarial Services: Reduce Cost of Compliance


There are many reasons why the business owners are using Singapore Company Secretarial Services. The primary reasons behind the decision are the need to maintain statutory compliance and of maintaining the competitive edge.

If you are hoping to incorporate a private limited company in Singapore or are already a first-time owner of one, you might wonder about the need of hiring a competent company secretary. However, have no any doubts in your mind about it. It is an absolute necessity. The Company Act of Singapore demands it. And you have to appoint one of the Singapore company secretarial services within the six months from the registration of your company.

Company Secretary

An experienced secretary can take charge of the administrative work in a company. The secretary employed by the company secretarial services in Singapore commandingly ensures your business' statutory compliance and corporate governance. A secretary is a kind of specialist that allows you to separate administrative and business activities. The successful business owners have also realized there are benefits of the move.

Why Employ Company Secretarial Services Singapore?

Accurate Compliance: These firms provide quality secretarial services in Singapore which goes a long way in ensuring your statutory compliance. You can rest assured that your compliance is in the hands of the experienced and qualified secretaries employed by the firm.

Cost Cutting Through Outsourcing: Even MNCs that are very conscious about the quality choose to outsource various of their in-house tasks like company secretary. Outsourcing to secretarial services Singapore has come up as a proven method of cutting down the cost of compliance.

The business benefits from the services of qualified secretaries. Moreover, they do not have to worry about the salary, employee benefits, or infrastructure of the in-house employee. For the most of the businesses, outsourcing turns out to be an affordable option.

Increased Efficiency & Effectiveness: When you hire one of the company secretarial services Singapore, you simply move the task out of your workplace. It reduces the mental clutter at the workplace which, in turn, lets you or the managerial staff pay detailed attention to each aspect of profit-making business activities.

What it Means to Hire a Company Secretary in Singapore

According to the Singapore Companies Act, all the incorporated company must appoint a company secretary. It is the precondition for registering a company in Singapore. Without it, the task remains unsuccessful. That is why while registering your company you should search for a combo incorporation package.

There are a number of corporate secretarial services like SBS Consulting Pte Ltd that charge you for one service but provides you with multiple services. By choosing such an incorporation package, you can get FREE registered local office address and company secretary services for the first year.

Alternatively, you may also need to appoint one of the reliable corporate secretarial services Singapore, if you already are a proud owner of a Singaporean business and are trying to replace your current secretary. The services providers have stand-alone services to cover this eventuality.

The Singapore Company Act allows Singapore Citizens, PR and holders of Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass to act as a secretary. The appointee also needs to be ordinarily resident in Singapore and qualified in handling the role and responsibilities of company secretary. However, the majority of business owners prefer to employ Singapore company secretarial services so to be compliant with the prevailing laws.

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