Know What Singapore Company Registration Services You Can Get in $699


Looking for a reliable Singapore company registration services firm? When a creative person starts offering a new service or comes out with a new product, there are always copycats to follow a leader. After a time, the market is so full of these entities; you cannot even identify the initiator unless you were there at the start.

Locating a proud Singapore company registration services provider is not an easy task to register company in singapore for foreigner. In fact, it is also difficult for the Singaporean entrepreneurs who are opting for Singapore company formation for the first-time. 

Keep the Cost of Singapore Company Formation Down

If you are bootstrapping your business, then the cost of incorporation will be your main concern. The best option to limit it is to search for the Singapore company registration agents like SBS Consulting Pte Ltd that offer freebies. You should actively search for the promo or combo packages that offer multiple services but charge only for one.

You should also examine the add-on FREE services carefully and determine whether they are essential for the task at hand. It will enable you to keep the ultimate Singapore company registration cost under manageable level. If it is possible, make sure that you will not have to pay for the essential services in future.

Look for Freebies

As per the Companies Act, you must provide a local registered office address at the time of applying for the registration of Singapore company. You also appoint an experienced and qualified company secretary within the six months from the registration date. Hiring SBS drastically brings down the Singapore company formation cost as you get $540 worth of services FREE.

Check for Hidden Costs

Your internet research will reveal different pricing policies pursued by the Singapore company registration services firms. You will also realize that not all of them are open and forthcoming about the final cost of setup a company in Singapore. If you must, you should contact and discuss it with them. Make sure that there are no hidden costs which will cause you to regret your choice of the services provider.

Promo Package for Setting a Company in Singapore

After appointing a competent provider of company registration services in Singapore, you can expect following incorporation services:

  • Checking availability of company name & reserving it
  • Preparation of M&AA, Form 45, Form 45B
  • Company registration with ACRA
  • Electronic Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company profile/extract from ACRA with UEN Number
  • Minutes of first board meeting
  • Share certificate(s)
  • Common seal
  • Preparation of company kit
  • FREE assistance for opening Bank account in a Singapore bank
Process for Singapore Business Registration is Easy

The process to set up a private limited company in Singapore is a simple one. You need to provide proper incorporation documents to your agent along with the list of 4-5 names for your proposed company. They will use the available name to register your company. Within no time, you will have your brand-new Singapore company.

However, the process will take 14 days to 2 months if the company name has terms like "Bank," "Education," "Financial" in it. These applications are referred to the appropriate authorities, and the approval takes time.

Complete Post Incorporation Activities

Wait! Don't start your business activities, as you are not yet. There certain post-registration activities that you must complete. These include the opening of a corporate bank account in a local bank in Singapore, opening a CPF account and topping it, check whether you need to register your company for GST.

You may also need to apply and acquire business permits and licenses if your business activities require them. Your Singapore company registration services providing firm may be of assistance in completing these activities. These firms employ experienced professionals, and you will be better off by discussing your needs with them.

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