Go for Singapore Company Incorporation to Start Your FinTech Business


Singapore is one of the prominent financial hubs in the world. It is the place you should go to if you want to be part of fintech scenario. If you are starting a new business, it will be a great idea to explore benefits of Singapore company incorporation before you go elsewhere. You should especially, search for the promo incorporation packages that provide multiple services for the price of one.

Singapore has come up as a key place to start or relocate your business. It has a robust and thriving startup ecosystem to support the innovative ideas. The city-state scores high in areas like management of investment & wealth, compliance, cybersecurity, IP laws, etc. That is why the entrepreneurs make a beeline to incorporate a company in Singapore.

Singapore Government is Willing to Support Fintech

Singapore government is very serious about making huge strides in fintech sector. It is actively encouraging entrepreneurs to try their ideas. The authorities have rolled out the Financial Sector Technology and Innovation Proof of Concept scheme to promote experimentation & to fast-track any creative technologies. Your new Singapore business incorporation can have several options in grants and schemes.

If you have an innovative idea, this is the time to opt for your company incorporation in Singapore. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) allotted S$225 million for fintech development. Over the next five years, the MAS is going to establish innovation centers & support the development of fintech projects at institution and industry level. You could try the Startup SG Tech & submit your Proofs of Concept or Proofs of Value & secure grants.

Singapore Startup Ecosystem

Your startup can benefit from the SPRING Singapore, a government initiative. It gives a lot of support through the Startup SG Accelerator. It supports them by means of programmes, mentorship, & the resources. There is the Startup SG Equity scheme through which the government & investors can co-invest in your startups. If it is the first startup, you can use the Startup SG Founder programme to find mentorship & startup capital grants.

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Get Your Idea on the Road

If you have a fintech-related creative idea, you need to implement it by starting a company. It gives the idea much wanted legal protection in a cut-throat market. You are not going to gain by hoarding it for the future. Sooner or later someone else will arrive at it and benefit from it. You need to show your commitment to the idea by hiring one of the experienced Singapore company registration services to set up a company in Singapore as soon as possible.

Your startup won't be alone in the market. There are more than 400 fintech companies in Singapore trying to make their way to the top. The financial institutes like banks and insurance companies are also active in the market and have come up with fintech innovation labs or research centers in Singapore. The sooner you get your Singapore company incorporation, the sooner you will be able to carve a niche for yourself.

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