4 Tips for Top Singapore Company Secretarial Services Firm


You, as a small business owner, must always use your time & money wisely. Once you run out of them, it can affect your business activities. It may even spell doom for your business. However, it is not the reason to start doing business' non-core tasks on your own. Doing so will waste your valuable time which you can use to sell your products and services. It is far better to hire company secretarial services for administrative tasks & accounting firms in Singapore to do your books.

Company Secretary Firms for Streamlined Compliance

The corporate secretarial services in Singapore takes care of your compliance and corporate governance-related tasks. They file statutory reports, maintain statutory registers, and see to it that your business follows the provisions of memorandum and articles of association. A secretary does much more than these few tasks.

Actually, the professionals from the company secretarial services handle a long the list of tasks for their clients smoothly and timely. If you decide to do them on your own, it can severely undermine your potential as the owner of the small business. These activities can steal time from your planning, connecting with potential partners and investors, or making decisions about taking your business to the next level.

Signs that Gives Away a Steady Company Secretarial Service

Appointing of one of the trusted corporate secretarial services Singapore will surely unburden you of the statutory filing and compliance responsibilities. It also means that you will also be relieved from having to acquire any knowledge or expertise to do these tasks. However, selecting one of the experienced company secretarial services Singapore is not an easy task. You need to actively look for the tell-tale signs indicating its sincerity towards your welfare.

1# Professional Advice

A professional secretary advises you in advance about how to start your business, how to register it, the resources or authorities you will need to see, the costing, and most importantly, complying with the government regulations. The right time to hire a secretary is when you are registering your company in Singapore. A newly registered company needs to appoint a secretary within the six months of its registration. Some of the company secretarial firms have excellent combo of fees & packages that include a company secretary services.

2# Reliable Secretarial Services

When you decided to outsource to one of the corporate secretarial services, you need to ensure their history. It is necessary a necessary step, as they will be servicing other clients which means they will be using a part of their time to take care of your tasks. However, you could consider them reliable if they assure you that their representative will entertain you if you need their advice, they will submit their deliverable timely, and of quality as per your expectations. If you find such a services provider, it will be worth to maintain a professional relationship with it.

3# Efficient and Cost-Effective

The whole purpose of hiring a company secretarial services firm is to reduce your work burden and cut administrative costs. When you appoint a specialist, you obviously expect them to work speedily through your work while maintaining the accuracy. You have to measure the cost of freedom to focus on your business activities after outsourcing. Do not go for cheap services provider as it can compromise your compliance.

4# Confidentiality

Your chosen services provider also need to know how to preserve the sanctity of your business data. You need to make sure at this point and should ask the firm to come clean about it. Take assurances from them that your business strategy, data from market research, your employee info, and other data will remain safe with them. See, if you can get selected company secretarial firm to sign a non-disclosure agreement at the time of hiring it.

A company secretarial services singapore firm can take the load of administrative and compliance related tasks off your shoulder. For the small business owners trying to survive in a competitive market like Singapore, it means a lot. A services provider letting them focus completely on the core goals of the business is a welcome addition to their business contacts. Just don't forget to search for combo incorporation packages offering multiple services at the cost of one.

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