3 Tasks to Delegate After Singapore Company Registration


After paying Singapore company incorporation fees to get your startup going, you should be choosy in the tasks you spend time on. Your first priority is to grow the new Singapore company registration to its fullest extent. You should take the time to identify the tasks that you absolutely must do on your own.

In fact, you should brainstorm the business of the delegation of tasks right before setting up a private limited company in Singapore. After all, you could hire one of the Singapore company registration services to see to the faultless execution of the Singapore company registration process.

Setting Up a Private Limited Company in Singapore

The company incorporation in Singapore with ACRA is not a difficult task. However, hiring an expert to do it for you takes a load off your mind especially, when you are a foreigner and new to jurisdiction. The ground reality is that you could limit the cost to set up a private limited company if you choose one of the promo incorporation package.

These packages are designed to reduce the Singapore company registration cost. Singapore company registration services like SBS Consulting Pte Ltd offer multiple services for the cost of one.

Delegate Tasks Post Singapore Business Incorporation

As a startup business owner, rearing to go, you should get rid of the tasks that can eat up your time, mental, spiritual, and physical space. You have to identify them before they become a nuisance.

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Tasks Needing Physical Efforts or Travel

When you have a product, you must see to it that it reaches to your whole sellers and retailers in time. However, it does not mean that you have to deliver it personally. Surely, you have better things to do. If you hire someone and delegate the task, you will have spare time to think about adding more value to the product and making it more attractive to your customer.

When you supply your products on time, you must make sure that you get the check on time. However, in real life, it may not work as smoothly as you want it. You may find yourself visiting a few clients' and waiting on them multiple times for your payment.

It is utter waste of your time. Such incidences may also harm your cash flow drastically. You should think about establishing a network to distribute your products. The distributors may also come handy in increasing your reach as they have their own contacts and resources.

Tasks Needing Technical Knowledge

The marketing gurus advise the startup owners to establish the business website as soon as possible. It helps in marketing and branding your company. You could use it to spread awareness about your products and business activities among your potential or targeted customers.

If you have the expertise, you could actually design and develop the website on your own. However, if the technical knowledge that you will need to execute it is out of your reach, it is better to outsource the task to the experts.

Delegate Non-Core Tasks

Every Singapore business, including the startups, have to discharge administrative functions. They have to regularly update their books of accounts, execute their payroll on time, be prompt with the audits, taxation, statutory filings, holding of AGMs, etc.

However, all of these are non-core tasks of the business. They generate no profit for it and you must have expert knowledge to discharge them. It is not something that you try to do on DIY-basis. You will be better off by appointing the experts to take care of them.

As the owner of a growing Singapore company registration you will need to take critical decisions from time-to-time. They may include delegating tasks to your employees so they could have thorough understanding of them. You may also choose to give a breathing space to your new employees by delegating an established and streamlined tasks to them. On the other hand, you could also decide to saddle them with the one you hate most freeing your mind.

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